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Aloe Vera has in its composition a wide range of substances, which act in an extremely beneficial way to the skin, such as polysaccharides and minerals. Aloe Vera is considered a true gift and it has been used since ancient times as a powerful healer because it promotes intense regeneration, nutrition and hydration.

We were fortunate to discover the history and legacy of Malte Weltzien. He spent his life as a Aloe Vera admirer, scholar and producer in Brazil. Our Aloe is till this day beautifully and truthfully cultivated by his family in organic and biodynamic processes.

Every day we are surprised by the healing power, vitality and fundamental properties of this plant that composes each of our products in the Aloe Vera line. We are thrilled to take this knowledge to light and bring living cosmetics to you, since they are the results of such inspiring encounters.

Aloe vera




Nature offers us a variety of natural helpers, from researching them, we chose a number of plant extracts that could act as preservatives. In that sense, apart from dispensing synthetic elements, we are able to develop formulas full of life. Learn more about our natural preservatives here.


Our fragrances are unique and developed carefully. We seek to use exclusively pure essential oils and, whenever possible, organics. We opted for delicate and smooth scents and for those that are closer to what can be found in nature. We intend to bring comfort and balance for the people who use our products.

Essential oils have multiple advantages. Not only they act as fragrance, but also contribute to the effectiveness of our formulations.