Privacy Policy

We at Almanati, respect our clients’ privacy and for that reason, we do not share any kind of data without prior authorization. The data provided in registration is used exclusively to make our products reach their destination and will be stored in our databases for future purchases or other forms of contact the client wishes. During your contact with us, through our service channels (website, e-commerce, call center, e-mail), we will use the e-mail address and “CPF*” number to keep your requests registered. We may also send announcements and promotions to the e-mail address provided. If you do not wish to receive promotional efforts, let us know though our “unsubscribe” option. This can be used at any time according to your will.

We are happy to share our content on social networks. But please remember that we cannot access your account, therefore, we will have no control over it. Sharings is of your responsibility

We are constantly improving our practices and may change this policy at any time without notice or communication, so we rely on your frequent visit to Almanati’s page.

In other words, the policy may change without notice, so please check it frequently.

*CPF is the Brazilian equivalent to a Social Security Number (SSN).