The Productive Chain Encounter

For us, our suppliers are an extension of our own work. Almanati would not exist without the producers and all those who transform our product from the plants, to our packaging and the communication materials.

That is why we have thoughtfulessly and carefully chosen our partners to meet our criteria and standards and make Almanati’s products a catalyst to health in the world. We also seek to value our suppliers and include them in our purpose. Together we can form a great network for a beautiful world.

Ciclo da sustentabilidade


For us, choosing organic ingredients whenever possible is part of a conviction that motivates everything we do. We see agriculture as one of the most important bases for building a fair, healthy and longevity society.

From the land cultivation model, many other relationships are established, such as work, health, conservation of natural resources and biodiversity preservation, for example.

Besides giving quality, flavor, vitality, balance and properties to the earth products, mainly because of the non-use of pesticides, organic agriculture brings diverse social and economic gains. Furthermore, it presupposes fair work relations, attention to gender relations, and most of the time is undertaken by families and small proprietaries. In addition, organic farming stimulates consumption and local economies, generating immeasurable efficiency and development in terms of chain and sustainability.

Organic agriculture also ends up making land workers the true guardians of biodiversity, an important task to enable life on earth. This because it breaks the logic of monoculture and latifundia that is practiced so intensely, always in favor of quantity and standardization.
For us, diversity of natural species, cultures, biographies and dreams are synonyms of wealth. For thar reason, we want good land cultivation in Brazil and in the world, believing that this will bring respect, health and life!